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Today, knowledge is the key to survival. Drucker’s forward thinking finds particular importance in today’s business world and prepares managers and entrepreneurs not only for the journey ahead, but also guides them to choose the right path.
The Course Coverage
This 14-module curriculum encompasses the essentials from the teachings of Peter Drucker—his books and scholarly articles on management, which span a period of more than sixty years. The added attraction of this course is that it also includes the ideas of other management thinkers who were influenced by Drucker’s theories. Through videos, live coverage and case studies, this course translates Drucker’s philosophies in a way that’s accessible for the next generation of managers. Drucker’s teachings can be viewed as an “organic whole,” or an interrelated system of elements that combines leadership skills and management practices. The course was developed by Joseph A. Maciariello, the Academic Director of the Drucker Institute and a long-time professor at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.
Unleash your potential and soar to the top with valuable insights from the “Father of Modern Management.”

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Drucker’s teachings stand the test of time and find value and importance in every modern organization. This course filters his work and presents management science and management thought processes, in a simple manner.

Drucker’s teachings stand the test of time and can find value in every organization. This course filters his work and interprets management science and management thought processes that are exceedingly relevant to today’s fast-changing business world. Topics include developing leadership skills, translating strategy into performance through MBO and the Balanced Scorecard, making effective decisions, managing work and human resources and meeting ongoing business challenges. With training by certified Drucker Associates through presentations, case studies, discussions and perspectives from leaders in industry, the course is designed to empower participants to apply the course material immediately to their business or career. At the end of the course, you can look forward to a new sense of confidence and a wider perspective on management.

Above all, we believe that Drucker’s teachings are priceless. Look at this as an investment to upgrade yourself.
AMP is a full time, residential, one-three month program. You got to take out time from work, which impacts your day to day activities at work, at home and in the society. Drucker program is based on the insights of the Father of Modern Management, and which insights are timeless. Thus, it needs intensive time

Here, in the Drucker Curriculum, you learn over weekends, and continue working. This enables a participant to revise and better absorb what is learnt over the weekend. The learning over the weekends is much greater with gaps as opposed to continuous learning programs, as you get a chance to observe organizations around you with a new and enhanced perspective, and better relate and apply your learnings to day-to-day work, as immediately as the next Monday morning. This helps you to get the maximum in terms of long-term, sustained learning out of the Drucker programs.
At the end of the course successful students will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation issued by Drucker Institute and PRISM. Above all, you will get the confidence and expertise to apply Drucker teachings to maximize your and your organization’s performance. PRISM is India’s finest executive education company. Refer to the “About PRISM” page on the Brochure and visit www.prismlearning.org
Training is provided by certified Drucker Trainers whose rigorous training will guide and empower students to implement the course learning immediately to their business/career. Faculty combines the best of Drucker training experience with actual business and consulting experience, to bring in an action-oriented, practical approach to teaching and learning.
We will invite you to me a member of the Drucker Society of Mumbai, a not-for-profit organization, committed to furthering Peter Drucker’s ideals and insights, to create a global change. Please visit www.druckermumbai.org. As a part of the Society, you will continue to remain engaged in meaningful ways to contribute to the Society around you and will find it a very rewarding experience.